Services Provided

Two Harbors Consulting strategies incorporate proven methodologies and use an intuitive, responsive approach. A description of our project and service methods follows, including how the project will be developed, proposed key milestones, the resources we intend to use, and a high-level list of deliverables.

Generally, Two Harbors Consulting provides the following services.

* CMMI-DEV and SVC class B and C appraisals
* CMMI-DEV and SVC class A appraisal (all maturity levels 2-5)
* Gap assessments
* Value Stream Mapping
* General process and performance improvement consulting
* Agile/Lean/Kanban/SAFe consulting and coaching
* Regulatory compliance consulting (primarily related to medical device regulations and standards
* Regulatory compliance audits (primarily related to medical device regulations and standards)
* Organizational culture assessments and consulting
* Organization change management and consulting
* Strategic planning facilitation

CMMI Engagements

Engagement Cadence
The Two Harbors Consulting approach is iterative and is designed to take groups through the various CMMI maturity levels, or to maintain a maturity level, as appropriate. The figure below illustrates the milestones associated with our approach.


Service Types
Baseline Appraisal
Using the Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI), Two Harbors Consulting appraises the current state of your organization or team’s processes against the targeted CMMI maturity level. Baseline appraisals are known as “Class C” appraisals. A detailed report of gaps is provided.

Benchmark Appraisal
Two Harbors Consulting also uses SCAMPI to appraise the current state of your organization or team’s processes against the targeted CMMI maturity level with the intent of providing a maturity level rating. Benchmark appraisals are known as “Class A” appraisals and are submitted to the CMMI Institute for review and approval. A Class A appraisal is required in order to receive an official maturity level rating.

In Depth Checkpoint
An in depth checkpoint is typically performed at the 2-year mark after a group has achieved an official maturity level rating. The intent of the in depth checkpoint is to ensure that the group will be well-prepared for their next benchmark appraisal. Maturity level ratings have a three-year lifespan before requiring a re-appraisal.

Readiness Review
At least one readiness review is required prior to each benchmark appraisal. The purpose of the readiness review is to ensure that the group is ready to proceed with the planned benchmark appraisal. During the readiness review, Two Harbors Consulting examines your team or organization’s evidence required to meet the CMMI requirements for the targeted maturity level.

Foundation Service 
The Foundation Service is what differentiates Two Harbors Consulting from other consulting companies. While appraisal events are an effective, rapid, point-in-time assessment tool, the activities which occur between appraisals are what have made the CMMI program so successful with organization’s we have previously worked with. Regular conversations and progress reviews drive momentum, allow time for reviews of new processes and artifacts, ensure movement in the right direction, and develop collaboration and trust with the appraisal team and other groups.

The Foundation Service provides the coaching and support to proceed successfully from the baseline appraisal to the benchmark appraisal. It includes guidance, review, recommendations, and education for all of the groups engaged with, and around, the CMMI program.  The levels and types of activity per group are tailored to the group’s need, timeline, and appraisal status and will include:

  • Periodic progress reviews (weekly to quarterly depending upon need)
  • Coaching, consulting, and review of new artifacts and processes
  • Appraisal planning
  • Education and training
  • Change management
  • Facilitating connections to other groups or experts
  • General support to identify value, answer questions, and discuss challenges
  • Specific organizational activities

Additionally, the Foundation service provides time for us to work together and with new groups (teams, divisions, services, new acquisitions) to understand and connect organizational objectives to prepare for future process improvement efforts.

Regulatory Audits

Two Harbors Consulting staff driven the successful execution of over 50 medical device audits over the last five years.  Our organization has industry leading expertise in understanding how FDA, Canadian and European regulations are appropriately applied for software development organizations.  Through audit of your organization’s quality system, Two Harbors Consulting is  able to provide an independent audit to determine compliance with applicable regulation and standards, actual adherence to the processes described in your quality system and to detect potential quality issues.  Outputs of these audits provide your organization a clear view of possible regulatory risk in process and products, and suggestions as to how to best address those concerns.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a lean-management method for analyzing the current state and designing a future state for any series of events; typically, the events that take a product or service from its beginning through delivery to the customer.  It is a collaborative and visual activity that provides value ranging from issue resolution to new product identification.